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The last update to our Privacy Policy was posted on December 27, 2013. This document governs the privacy policy of our Website,, a service of Michael W. Russ, C.P.A., UCLA M.B.A. (MWR). Any capitalized terms not defined herein will have the same meaning as where they are defined elsewhere on our Website.

Please find "Protecting Your Child's Privacy" below, just after "'Do Not Track' Settings".


"Non-Personal Information" (NPI) is information that is in no way personally identifiable and that is obtained automatically when you access our Website with a web browser.

"Personally Identifiable Information" (PII) is non-public information that is personally identifiable to you and obtained for us to provide you with a service or product. PII may include information such as your name, address, phone number, credit card information, and other related information that you provide to us.

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

Our Privacy Policy tells you what PII we may collect from you, how we may share your PII, and how you can limit our sharing of your PII.

MWR is committed to the security and privacy of all our visitors. We take your privacy seriously, and we will work with you to ensure that you have an enjoyable online experience.

MWR and our affiliates/service providers respect your privacy and recognize that need for appropriate protection and management of your PII you share with us.

Links to Other Websites

Our Website may contain links to other websites. You understand that these websites are not under our control and are not subject to our Privacy Policy. These websites will likely have their own privacy policies. We have no responsibility for these websites and provide links to these websites solely for your convenience.

You acknowledge that your use and access of these websites is solely at your own risk. It is your responsibility to check the privacy policies of these websites to see how they treat your personal information.

Information We Collect

Generally, you control the amount and type of information you provide to us when using our Website. As a visitor to our Website, you can browse our Website to find out more about us. You are not required to provide us with any PII as a Visitor.

Computer Information Collected

When you use our Website, we automatically collect certain computer information by the interaction of your mobile phone or web browser with our Website. Such information is typically considered NPI. We may also collect any of the following:

Our Website does not use Cookies. A Cookie is a small piece of data stored on your computer or mobile device by your web browser. Most web browsers can be set to disable the use of Cookies.

Automatic Information
We automatically receive information from your web browser or mobile device. This information generally includes the name of the website from which you entered our Website, if any, as well as the name of the website to which you're headed when you leave our website. This information also includes the IP address of your computer/proxy servicer that you use to access the Internet, your Internet Website provider name, web browser type, type of mobile device, and computer operating system. We use all of this information to analyze trends and to help improve our Website.

How Information is Used

We currently do not give you the option to provide your PII for our internal purposes.

To give you the best possible service, we may use our affiliates to provide contracted services for our business, including, but not limited to hosting our website. In many cases, we will need to provide some if not all the PII you provide to us so our affiliates can perform these services. Our affiliates are only authorized to use your PII as provided within this Privacy Policy.

There are times that we may have to disclose your PII to comply with state and federal laws; to assist law enforcement and governmental agencies in preventing or investigating fraud or other crimes, or in response to a court order. In such instances, we will only provide the PII requested and your PII will only be used for legal purposes as opposed to marketing.

Finally, if we were to transfer our business to another business, we would transfer your PII to that recipient business as appropriate and might also retain a copy of your PII for up to seven years for compliance purposes. We have no plans to do so, but this is a disclosure we must make.

"Do Not Track" Settings

Some web browsers have settings that enable you to request that our Website does not track your movement within our Website. Our Website does obey such settings when transmitted to and detected by our Website. Due to circumstances that are outside our control (i.e. internet transmission issues, web browser/web server incompatibilities, etc.) we may not always be able to detect and honor this setting. However, this does not change our compliance in any other way with our Privacy Policy.

Change and Turn Off tracking features in your browser.

It is possible, if you choose, to turn off tracking features and other security settings in your browser by visiting the following links:

For Internet Explorer may visit:

For Mozilla Firefox may visit: For Google Chrome may visit: Http://

For Safari visit:

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. Google provides a free add-on to most major browsers that you can install to prevent your data from being collected and used by Google Analytics. If you wish to use this service, you may visit:

Protecting Your Child's Privacy

We follow the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COOPA). Even though our Website is not designed for use by anyone under the age of 13, or even under the age of 18, we realize that a child or teen may attempt to access our Website. We do not collect PII from a child or any visitor. If you are a parent or guardian and believe your child is using our Website, please contact us. We may ask for proof of identification before we remove any information to prevent malicious removal of account information. If we discover on our own that a child is accessing our Website, we will delete the information as soon as we discover it, we will not use the information for any purpose, and we will not disclose the information to third parties. You acknowledge that we do not verify the age of our visitors nor do we have any liability to do so. If you are a child or minor teenager, please seek the permission of a parent or guardian before accessing our Website.


Please keep in mind that if you directly disclose personally identifiable information or personally sensitive data through public message boards [which are not part of our Website], this information may be collected and used by others.

We encourage you to review the privacy policies and statements of websites you choose to link to from our Website so that you can understand how those websites collect, use, and share your information. MWR is not responsible for the privacy policies, privacy statements or other content on websites outside of our Website.

Our Email Policy

We and our affiliates fully comply with the federal CAN-SPAM Act. You can always opt out of receipt of further email correspondence from us. Please keep in mind, that you cannot provide us with your email address via this website, but, rather, you need to personally call or mail us with that address. We will not sell, rent, or trade your email address.

Our Security Policy

We have taken steps to build our Website using sophisticated encryption and authentication tools to protect the security of your PII. If in the future we were to collect your PII through our Website, we would encrypt your PII before it traveled over the Internet using industry standards established for conducting secure online transactions. We also use industry standard technologies such as secure routers and fire walls to make sure that your visit to our Website is safe. Unfortunately, we cannot fully guarantee secure data transmission over the Internet because of its nature.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

As necessary to address changes in laws or our firm practices, we may modify our Privacy Policy, in whole or in part, to address these changes. We will typically notify visitors by some message on our Website home page that our Privacy Policy has changed. We will also change the "Last Updated" date at the beginning of this Privacy Policy. Any changes we make to our Privacy Policy are effective as of this Last Updated date and replace any prior Privacy Policies. We encourage you to review our Privacy Policy periodically to make sure you still agree with it.

Questions about Our Privacy Policy & Contact Information

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us using the Contact us information found on our Website.

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